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Chic and Urban NYC Engagement

couple sitting on a NYC subway

In the heart of the bustling city that never sleeps, where every street corner tells a story, Abbey and Baylen embarked on an urban NYC engagement session through some of the city’s most iconic locations. We wanted to capture their engagement and celebrate this sweet milestone in their lives where many of these memories were made!

Abbey and Baylen’s love story is as vibrant and spirited as the streets of New York City itself. Living on the Upper East Side, this couple’s engagement session was envisioned as a tribute to their love for each other, and also for the city they call home. 

A Cityscape of Love

Abbey and Baylen wanted their engagement photo journey to include all the things they loved about living in their slice of paradise, so we embarked on a photographic odyssey that traversed some of the city’s most emblematic locations. Each stop added layers to their urban love story.

One of my favorite locations was the cobblestone streets under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This area, often referred to by its acronym, DUMBO, offered a dramatic vista of the city’s skyline, serving as a testament to their journey together amidst the urban landscape. The changing Autumn skyline framed the buildings and Abbey and Baylen beautifully.  

We also ventured into the artistic heart of SOHO, capturing moments of love among the fashion-forward boutiques and cast-iron facades. The whole area has a dynamic spirit and vibrant history. There is something so rom-com about photographing a happy couple on the bustling streets of New York. 

The outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Met, was another beautiful stop, just minutes from their digs, blending the timeless elegance of art and architecture into their love story. Those towering polished stone walls are such a stunning background to capture intimate embraces and close quiet moments. 

I really applaud those two for fully embracing being in the moment with each other, even as we were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

An Urban NYC Engagement Comes Full Circle

One thing I have always wanted to do is take photos on the New York City subway. I imagined having a little editorial moment on the platforms and cars. To my absolute joy,  Abbey and Baylen suggested this, and I was all in on capturing our flight through this famous underground. 

Above all, I loved that their journey came full circle back to the Bethesda Terrace, where their engagement began. It was a special and significant location in their relationship, and I loved watching them immerse themselves in the romantic ambiance of Central Park once more time. We finished up their photographic journey wandering through the park, each path and hidden corner a reflection of their adventures together in the city they love.

From City Chic to Mansion Elegance

Transitioning from their urban engagement celebrations, Abbey and Baylen are poised to begin their next chapter at the Glen Ford Mansion on the Delaware in the summer of 2024. This historic mansion, with its breathtaking views of the Delaware River and exquisitely landscaped gardens, offers a beautiful contrast to their engagement’s urban backdrop, providing a serene and majestic setting for their wedding day.

The Glen Ford Mansion, known for its elegant architecture and sprawling grounds, promises a wedding experience that encapsulates the beauty of nature and the luxury of a bygone era. It’s a venue that speaks to the couple’s desire for a celebration that merges the sophistication of city life with the tranquil beauty of the riverside.

A Celebration Woven into the Fabric of the City

Abbey and Baylen’s journey from engagement to wedding is a celebration of love, life, and the city that has shaped their story. Their urban NYC engagement, captured through the lens of the city’s multifaceted landscape, reflects a story that is uniquely theirs. From the artistic alleys of SOHO to the historical richness of the Met and the natural beauty of Central Park, it was all a beautiful backdrop to a stunning romance.

As they look forward to their summer wedding at the Glen Ford Mansion, Abbey and Baylen are not just celebrating their union but also honoring the city that has been an integral part of their love story. I loved getting to know them on this jaunt through their beloved home, and I can’t wait to capture their wedding this summer!

Check out how much fun we had below!

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