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Romantic Drumore Estate Wedding

Maria and Tim’s classic and romantic Drumore Estate wedding was a joy to capture from start to finish, and I was so privileged to be able to spend their special day with them.

Getting Ready With a View

When I got to the getting ready location, Maria was set up in her hotel room at Penn Square, with windows that framed the historic church where she would soon say “I do.” It was a reminder that I’m sure filled her with anticipation as she thought about seeing her soon-to-be husband across the aisle for the first time. 

After some special moments with her family,  (the ones where you remember weddings are less about fancy outfits and cake and more about families, old and new, coming together) we prepared to make our way to the ceremony location. 

Romantic Church Ceremony

St. Mary’s Catholic Church is so steeped in history that it’s practically a time machine to a different era. Walking into the church is like stepping into a bubble of peace, its intricate details and stained-glass stories wrapping around you. 

The happy chatter gave way to a hushed silence as the bridal march began to play and their wedding guests turned in anticipation. Here, in the glow of technicolor light, Maria and Tim shared their special first look and reverently walked through their sacred mass, surrounded by their loved ones. 

It was a beautiful ceremony made all the more stunning by the historic and elegant surroundings. As the mass wound down, the bride and groom finally made it official among the hallowed walls that have seen centuries of love stories unfold, and I captured those first official moments as man and wife. 

A Dreamy Drumore Estate Reception

Afterward, the journey from the church to the Drumore Estate was a transition from one historical landmark to another but with a distinct shift in ambiance. The estate, with its sprawling gardens and majestic views, was an amazing canvas for Maria and Tim’s vision of an elegant fall-themed wedding. 

The decor was a blend of fall tones and soft neutrals, bathed in crystal and candlelight, creating an atmosphere of understated beauty. The tented reception was expertly designed, with fabric draping that transformed the space into a romantic haven and an interior that glowed in the ambient light. Chandeliers added a touch of glamour, casting a soft glow over the guests. 

The setting was perfect for the evening that unfolded, filled with heartfelt toasts and laughter. Each speech was a thread in the fabric of their love story, highlighting the journey that had brought Maria and Tim to this moment.

​​The reception was a dreamy celebration that I loved capturing; it was a collection of both intimate moments and unbridled fun, being etched in the hearts of everyone present. The dance floor became a place of connection and joy, where each step reflected the depth of Maria and Tim’s bond with each other and all their guests. 

Looking Back on a Fabulous Celebration

As the evening progressed, the couple, amidst their family and friends, still found moments of quiet connection, a reminder of their journey together. The laughter, tears, and dance steps shared under the glow of their tent were the beginning of a new chapter in their love story.

The wedding of Maria and Tim was a celebration that transcended the boundaries of time. From the historic St. Mary’s Catholic Church to the elegant Drumore Estate, each moment was a testament to their love. The decor, with its elegant fall tones and the glow of candlelight, created a backdrop for a night of romance and joy. As the couple danced under the chandeliers, surrounded by the love of their family and friends, I felt so honored to be chosen to capture their love story. 


Venue: The Drumore Estate | Photography: Sage Design Company | Florist: Sandra Porterfield Floral Design | Makeup: Tina Marie Styled Pretty

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