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Decades Bowling Alley Engagement | Lancaster, PA

couple laughing while holding bowling balls

Capturing Morgan and Albert’s Decades Bowling Alley engagement session was like diving into a chapter of their unique love story, where each page sparkled with genuine laughter, playful banter, and those quiet moments that drip love without uttering a single word. 

Their choice of Decades, a boutique bowling alley and arcade in Lancaster, wasn’t just about finding a quirky backdrop; it was a reflection of their fun-loving spirits and a nod to the playful journey they’ve embarked on together.

Their journey together is a beautiful testament to being truly unique, holding dear their values, cherishing family above all, and showcasing an unwavering commitment to each other. It was my absolute pleasure to capture the essence of their relationship during their engagement session, which was anything but ordinary.

A Retro Setting for Portraits

Decades, is more than just lanes and games. It’s a time machine to a bygone era, mixing the thrill of arcade battles with the timeless joy of knocking down pins. Watching Morgan and Albert in this setting was like watching kids in a candy store—eyes sparkling, smiles wide, and laughter that filled the room. It was the perfect setting to showcase their bond, one that’s built on joy, mutual respect, and adventurous souls.

As we moved through the arcade, capturing their playful exchanges amid the glow of neon lights, it became clear that this session was about more than just photographs. It was a celebration of love, friendship, and the joy of finding that one person who makes your heart race, even in the most laid-back moments. Bowling a strike or competing in a friendly game of racing, Morgan and Albert’s connection and love for each other were evident in every smile, every look, and every touch.

We roamed from pinball machines to bowling lanes, every shot captured a story, a memory, a piece of their journey. Whether it was Morgan’s triumphant cheer at a strike or Albert’s playful smirk after winning a lap, these moments were raw, real, and beautifully them.

Looking to the Wedding Day

Looking ahead, Morgan and Albert have chosen two beautiful venues for their upcoming wedding: St. Mary’s Church in York, PA, and the Yorktowne Hotel for their reception. Both locations boast an elegance and grandeur that perfectly complement the couple’s vision for their big day. 

St. Mary’s Church, with its stunning architecture and meaningful ambiance, offers a sacred space for them to exchange their vows. Meanwhile, the Yorktowne Hotel, known for its historic charm and exquisite service, promises to be a spectacular setting for celebrating their union with loved ones.

Spending the day with Morgan and Albert at Decades was a fabulous experience. Their easy breezy photo session was filled with laughter, love, and a dash of competition, making it a truly unforgettable day. Sessions like these never fail to remind me that the opportunity to capture the genuine moments that couples share, the ones that tell the real story of their love, is the best gift. 

As we look forward to their wedding day, I’m honored to have been a part of their journey and to continue documenting their love story as it unfolds. Morgan and Albert, thank you for choosing me to capture these precious moments. 

Be sure to check out the attached gallery to get a glimpse of their fun-filled engagement session at Decades. It’s a beautiful preview of the incredible celebration that awaits.

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