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Old Ellicott City Engagement Session

In the world of engagement sessions, every once in a while, you meet a couple whose love story and personality shine so brightly, they instantly light up every frame. 

Amanda and Danny are those people for me, brimming with a love so genuine and joyful, it’s contagious. They wanted their engagement session, just like their upcoming wedding day, to be a reflection of who they are – authentic, full of love, and uniquely theirs.

A Historic City Setting

For their engagement shoot, we chose the charming backdrop of Old Ellicott City, which is absolutely bursting with character! This historic small town, with its quaint streets and timeless architecture, was a setting that felt like it could’ve been on a movie poster. 

With its cozy nooks and crannies, winding streets, and unique blend of old-world charm and modern-day vibrancy, Old Ellicott City,  perfectly encapsulated Amanda and Danny’s relationship – classic yet full of surprises.

A Surprise Connection to the Bride

I first crossed paths with Amanda at former clients Jamie and Ted’s wedding, where she was a bridesmaid! It’s always fascinating when life comes full circle, and I get to be part of another significant chapter in someone’s life who I’ve met in such joyful circumstances. 

Seeing her again, this time as the bride-to-be, was truly delightful. Her connection with Danny is so genuine and sweet, and capturing it amidst the backdrop of Old Ellicott City was pure magic.

From the way they laughed together, completely at ease, to the moments they shared quietly, lost in each other’s eyes, every photograph was telling a whole story.

Amanda and Danny’s session wasn’t just about capturing images; it was about capturing a feeling, a moment in time that they can look back on and remember exactly how they felt in this sweet season before their wedding.

The attached gallery of their engagement session is a sneak peek into their world – a world filled with laughter, love, and anticipation for what’s to come. It showcases the essence of Old Ellicott City’s charm and the depth of Amanda and Danny’s connection.

As we wrapped up the engagement session in Old Ellicott City, I found myself excited for the next step in their journey!

The Upcoming Wedding

The couple opted for Union Mills Public House in Frederick, MD, as their wedding venue, and I can’t wait to join them again on their special day. 

Known for its rustic elegance and charming ambiance, it promises to be the perfect locale for their wedding. The venue, with its blend of historical character and contemporary style, echoes Amanda and Danny’s personal taste and love for unique, meaningful places.

If their engagement session is anything to go by, their wedding day is going to be a beautiful celebration of love, filled with moments that are not just visually stunning but totally heartfelt and deeply personal. 

I feel privileged to be part of their journey and look forward to capturing the many beautiful moments that their wedding day will bring. Amanda and Danny, your journey so far has been nothing short of wonderful, and I am beyond excited to be part of the next chapter. Here’s to love, laughter, and a lifetime of happiness!

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